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Internet business model: forum posting

I am a very active user of various forum communities and I am very glad to have found out about an opportunity to earn money by posting on forums. Any webmaster values quality content and if you are a person, who can produce good content and share your personal experience, then posting on forums for money could be right for you.

How to Get Paid to Post on Forums?

Several weeks ago I have found a great post on how to make money online with forums and today I want to share something I have learned from the site I have just shared with you. The service, which gives money for posting on forums, is called

Members receive points for posting on sponsored forums. Advertisers are looking forward to getting quality posts, which you will be providing. Every point is equal to 5 cents and you can make up to 2 points for every post.

This means that an average poster could make approximately $7.5 for every 100 forum posts and I don’t think that making that many posts per day is very hard. It makes perfect sense that posting on forums for money will not give you the advantage to make a full time income online but, as for me, something is better than nothing.

On some forums I have a profile with several thousand posts, I wish I were paid for any contribution but I did not know about back then. is a great site for making money by posting on forums. The minimum cashout on this website is just $4 and you can receive your money to PayPal fast. I think this work from home technique is very easy to do and it is profitable.

I do hope that you will have a lot of luck in earning money by creating forum posts, I will be writing more about making money by creating content, so please stay tuned.

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010 by Data Cube
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