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Housing in Great Britain

People prefer to live in houses a little bit set back from the road. This way, they can have a front garden. These areas are not normally very big. But they allow residents to have low fences, walls or hedges around them. Usually, these barriers do not physically prevent even a two-year old child from entering, but they have psychological force. They announce to the world exactly where the private property begins. Even in the depths of the countryside, where there may be no road immediately outside, the same phenomenon can be seen.

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The National Eisteddfod of Wales can be traced back to 1176 when it is said that the first Eisteddfod was held, under the auspices of Lord Rhys, at his castle in Cardigan. There he held a grand gathering to which were invited poets and musicians from all over the country.

A chair at the Lord's table was awarded to the best poet and musician, a tradition that prevails- in the modern day National Eisteddfod. Following 1176, many Eisteddfods were held throughout Wales, under the patronage of Welsh gentry and noblemen. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, an Eisteddfod of historical significance was held at the Ivy Bush Inn in Carmarthen, when the Gorsedd of Bards first became officially associated with this national event.

By this time, the Eisteddfod had developed into a fully-fledged folk festival on a large scale. In 1880, the National Eisteddfod association was formed and charged with the responsibility of staging an annual festival to be held in North and South Wales alternately, and with the exception of 1914 and 1940, this target has been successfully achieved.

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Kyiv - Euro 2012

Kyiv, one of the oldest cities in Europe was chosen to be a host city for Euro 2012. Apart from showing you a video presentation, I would like to give you links to some intersting places in this city (unfortunately in original, Google translate should help you out here):

Kyjevo-pecherska lavra
Andriivska church in Kyiv
Volodymyrs'kyj sobor in Kyiv

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